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noise control

Démarré par Jyrays, 03 Avril 2014 - 19:54:49 pm

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Every evening I hear bikes with open exhaust to pass around. How tight French police is about the noise?  sim 10

Paulocheon [38]

If you ride without your "dB killer" or a "non homologated" exhaust, you shall be in trouble in case of dB control...


So they do some sound level controls? When and where?

Here in my "vıllage" the bikers seem very loud  sim 74

PAPICK [Belgique]

 sim 76 Controls are "Surprises"!  sim 96
Be carrefull: If you don't replace the DB killers in place, they will stop your bike on place...  sim 61  sim 55
Ce qui se conçoit bien, s'énonce clairement...


I have approved Akrapovic and certificate for it, sound doesnt change much when I take the tip off...