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Helmet reflective stickers

Démarré par zebulon [34], 12 Octobre 2013 - 12:54:33 pm

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zebulon [34]

All bikers in France, whether residents or visitors, to wear a helmet with reflective stickers on, and this one has not been scrapped. Bikers caught wearing a helmet without stickers may face a 135 euros fine payable on the spot and 3 points taken off their licence. The police have recently been enforcing this rule quite severely in Paris and other locations throughout France.

All helmets must have four reflective stickers: one on the front, one at the rear and one on each side. The surface of each sticker must be 18 cm2 and, within each sticker, you must be able to draw a 40 mm diameter circle, or a 12.50 cm2 rectangle with a minimum of 20 mm length, as shown on the below picture.

The vehicle whose driver motor runs without wearing a helmet approved type or without the helmet is attached can be immobilized !!!

You can have a look on the complete official text here : http://www.ffmc.asso.fr/article2563.html . Google can help if translation is needed.

You can opt for this one:

Be careful: one on the front, one each side, and one on the rear  sim 64


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la_free_mousse [92]

Le bonheur n'est pas au bout du chemin. Le bonheur, c'est le chemin (Clovis Cornillac).

Skye [Suede]

Got this information..

1. Yes it is a real and actual law. For those that don't believe me, the actual law number is: R431-1 of the rules of the road, Item 22-05. The description of the law can be found by clicking here Open Legifrance.Gouv link in a new window (in French).

2. The law has been in existence since 1975, so it's been here for a long while.

3. The law is applied to helmets sold in France, so if you come from abroad, you're fine. So don't go and start buying stickers if you're coming to France.

4. The cops when they stop you very rarely will ticket you for this. It's used maybe as a last resort weapon.


So what is true??


Hey? I do not have stickers as I bought my helmets from Turkey... Do I need to have them?  sim 10


If you live in France, it's better to buy them to be quiet about the law enforcement. Sometimes in case of control, they can be cool, but sometimes, no...
Whether you come from a foreign country for a trip in France , no problem, because you aren't resident and the cops cannot check this point.
Have a nice journey in France. sim 68


Got them. not so ugly on my grey Nolan...

JosepM [Espagne]

(mode irony ON)
Thanks God for providing those people who make laws and regulations!
What could we, stupid people, do without their wisdom? Thanks Lord for them, they are invaluable help to save us from ourselves in our infinite stupidity!
(mode irony off)

Must we be fined, if we don't want to protect ourselves with these ugly stickers?